Day 234. Spring Break

Imagine that: I was feeling guilty because I wasn’t writing in my blog this week.

Sunset at the Beach House

I filled the early days of the week with other writing tasks (including finishing a short story I am excited about). Then, I felt rushed as I always do about all the things I do before a trip (mindless: figuring out which three sweaters and t-shirts were going in the suitcase, making sure I had enough of the eleven-teen medications, and the eleven gluten-free, egg-free, wheat-free, nut-free things to eat).

Then, it was off to the beach Thursday morning. First trip of the season. It felt like swimming weather when we arrived at the Outer Banks of North Carolina that afternoon, almost 80 degrees, but overnight, the rain began, and Friday felt like a mad, mean Nor’easter, with nothing but fierce wind-driven rain. For a couple of hours, great tufts of fog completely engulfed us, and it looked like we were the only house on the tiny island where we are.

There was such great peace and fun just sitting there with my nephews doing a big puzzle the size of a card-table, a picture of about 100 different kind of candy wrappers.

Today, it is freezing cold. Sweater and space-heater weather. Taking a shower this morning reminded me of being in school in Vermont, when I would have to have lengthy, cajoling discussions with myself, including a system of rewards, just to get my lazy, ice-cold self into that tile-floored bathroom for a shower. “C’mon, self. If you’ll just get in the shower and wash your hair, you’ll feel SO much better,” and “You can have a donut for breakfast if you’ll just get up and DO IT now.” It was a tug of war this morning, but I did hose off the filth for the good of my family. The cold just feels so much colder here than it does at home in my cozy apartment in Virginia.

I kind of love it.

As I thought of all this, resting off the carbohydrates of a (gluten-free, egg-free, etc.) apple pie my mom made me, I realized that spending my last 236th, 235th 234th, and 233rd days here would be just fine, and telling you about it in fewer words than usual would be absolutely on topic.

This right here is part of my cure.