Day 124. Like Sands Through the Wormhole

Things have been so icky for the last several weeks I have (obviously) been skipping my blog writing, journaling, and painting.  I just haven’t felt like any of it. I had one medical test that made me feel so bad, I was just flat on my back for days and days….and do you know what?  They haven’t even bothered to give me the results yet.

Then it has just felt like things have been moving so fast.  There is a doctor appointment downtown every day, and then I have to get to the tanning bed; when you don’t feel quite 100% yet, just getting this stuff down sucks up all the resources.

I write my blog in my head sometimes.  Even then, the narrative trails off.  I’m tired.

BUT, I have a gorgeous tan, mind you, since I keep following the advice of “Kate Middleton,” my biologist-medical consultant to get an hour’s worth of sun each day (or its tanning bed equivalent).  By the way, by her permission “Kate Middleton” may now go by her proper name, Dr. Kaye Blee.  It’s thanks to her I am truly a bronze goddess, the envy even of the women who work at the tanning place.  I keep meaning to have someone take a picture, but I take such rotten pictures.  Still, if you saw me you would agree that even my multi-scarred legs look good.

Things have taken a turn for the better, however.  I mentioned not being able to gather any enthusiasm for going to the newest pain doctor. Turns out new pain doc seems to be a keeper. Within an hour, he saw the mistakes the old guy was making and laid out a treatment plan with OPTIONS.  He has some ideas for treatments that I have not been offered before that seem like they are very promising.

I had a minor one late last week (cortisone injections in my Sacroiliac Joint, which made a dramatic difference).  In the future, I will have Botox injections in my shoulders and forehead (oh, so sorry, buh-bye wrinkles!) because of my myofascial/migraine pain.  Most interestingly to me, though, is the option for me to take part in a 3-day infusion of Ketamine.

Long past my Ecstatic prime, I was aware of Ketamine as a disco-drug in the 90s (see users’ descriptions of “going down the k-hole” here).  Someone offered it to me once in a bar, and I asked my brother about it.  He said, “Uh, dude.  Those people are so stupid.  That is an animal tranquilizer.”  Ironically, Ketamine is now used as a human tranquilizer–or anesthesia, that is.  But the newest use for it is as a “reset” for pain receptors.  There’s a topical pain cream that is much like the great pain cream I have been using, only with Ketamine in it.  Thanks to new pain doc, I have the new Ketamine cream already and it is very effective. Apparently, a three-day iv trip down the k-hole (at controlled doses, of course) can reset one’s pain receptors considerably. Research on the topic is enough to make me want to sign up for three days as an inpatient. Still, I reserve optimism about this treatment, this doctor (I won’t even name him yet) because I keep becoming so effusive for no good reason.  I’ve decided to conserve my easy ejaculations of exultation.  You never know when you’ll really need ejaculation.

So to review, I‘ve started with the SI Joint injection, which I’ll stick with for a while.  The Botox injections are on the table as I understand it and will happen shortly. Wiggling down the k-hole will be some time in the future.

It’s really nice to have a list of possibilities to anticipate when pain is a permanent fixture.

13 thoughts on “Day 124. Like Sands Through the Wormhole

  1. As you’ve said, it is good to have options. Being bereft of options is not good and it certainly does not good to one’s head. Regarding the Botox… not that my visage needs it but… you know. If you were stockpiling Botox somewhere and needed extra place to keep it, that’s what friends are for.

  2. I’m glad the new pain doc is working out so far. It’s always nice to have an unexpectedly pleasant surprise. Take care.

  3. Heidi, Oh my, you are so deserving of pain relief! Sounds like things might finally be looking a bit brighter for you. I have tried tanning and felt better…is it the heat or the UV or both? Maybe it’s something I should go back to doing.

    I tried botox once in the forehead for wrinkles and it helped my headaches significantly. I wish it were affordable. I use to get them in the back of my head, neck and spine and that was helpful…but I thought trigger point injections worked better for me in that location. We are all so different.

    At least you now have a good pain doc and I believe he will help you. He’s given you some new options and that’s a great start. Sorry, I haven’t been on line much so I’m behind on any reading. Do know I am thinking of you and certainly understand how difficult life is. Take care and stay safe, Edie

  4. I dont know if I have commented before, but I’d like you to know that I have been an avid follower of your blog. Each of your entry inspires me. My mom passed away last December of metastatic breast cancer. It spread to her bones, the lungs (then it got cured there) and finally the liver. I have so long admired her fight and that is why I am drawn to blogs like yours. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • I really appreciate that, JJ. That means a lot to me. I am so sorry to hear about your courageous mom. To be compared with her is a great honor. I am so glad to know that you are reading my blog. Thanks! 🙂

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