Day 218. Positive(?) Results


As happens with technology I spent a long time making a great looking PDF that should load when this blog opens up.  Now it won’t do it, even though the YouTube I watched shows that it does so seamlessly….so, I must ask you to click on this link to see the pretty file.  See what you think of the information, and don’t forget to hit the back arrow on your browser to make comments if you have them.

march 26, 2012 COL3A1 POS

4 thoughts on “Day 218. Positive(?) Results

  1. Will this help with your treatment? Will you qualify for better treatment? I hope so. I’m thinking it might have ruled out other things that could mimic the disease. I’m just wondering if you will be able to have better therapy for pain relief and other symptoms you endure and wondering what that might be. Keep us posted. We care.

    • Thank you so much for your kindness. Ironically, no, it won’t help at all. But while it won’t help for medications, I am hoping that it will help me to deal with my insurance company, since right now we are at an impasse with having them cover some of the important tests I need. Some good things!!

  2. The color chart reminds me of some of the later Mondrian paintings. Not quite Manhattan Boogie-Boogie, but along those lines, with a paler set of colors.

  3. Well, at last the verdict officiale. While anti-climatic for sure, you can let the non-believers, insurance company et al, scratch off.

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