Day 306. Looking Back, Looking Ahead

This is an idea I’ve blatantly plagiarized from the Crazy Sexy Life Blog (where you can read about Green Smoothies and all kinds of good, healthy living options and vegan food).  Kris Karr’s ideas are pretty compelling when you read her story:  Karr (who is gorgeous) had stage 4 breast cancer, which is very serious, and decided to treat herself with food, supplements, and healthy living.  Seems like she’s doing pretty dandy.

So, I liked her exercise.  Here’s my version:

2011 in Review (with gratitude)

  1. Started a Blog
  2. Said “no” more.
  3. Got to see Casey and Johnny.
  4. Wrote a lot, sometimes more than two pages at a time–a record for me in my present shape.
  5. Hung out more with friends
  6. Great CT scans! The aneurysms did not grow, and if they don’t grow again this time, I can graduate to one annually.
  7. Started literary Salon.
  8. Took a writing class with SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) and met tons of friends who are writing books, too, who turned out to be better writing teachers than SARK.
  9. Spent a lot of good, happy times with my family.
  10. Kept up with my watercolors, making a couple of fairly good paintings.
  11. Met up with my oldest, dearest friend Scott, who I now hang out with regularly.
  12. Took several tele-seminars in great topics like World-Changing Writing.  They were fantastic and turned me into a full-time writer again.
  13. Got a PEMF machine; use it around 45 minutes every day.  Lowered pain meds dosage on most days.
  14. Tried to be kinder to myself.  Easier said than done.

2012 (What is to come)

  1. Join PeTA (check! done!….I know many of you will be haters because of their very public stunts:  those are the very reason I am joining.  I believe
    that PeTA’s popular culture status does more to promote veganism than any group like the Humane Society [with its obnoxious commercials].)

    Released into the public domain by PETA.

    Image via Wikipedia

  2. See Art.
  3. Visit museums of every kind once every month or two.  And just deal with the mobility issue.
  4. Finish my book enough to start sending it around to publishers.
  5. Get to see more Goddard friends like Lana, Gerard, Mary, and Christian.
  6. Go to the theater.
  7. Take an art class.
  8. Go to the movies more often.
  9. Be organized and present for my writing group, so that we can get our new ideal group off the ground.
  10. Hang out with Scott.
  11. Make art:  watercolors, tissue collage, lunch boxes.  Many media.  Make something once a week.
  12. Try not to think I’m dying right away when it’s just another health thing.
  13. Spend lots of time with the boyz (Harrison, Aiden, Greg, Jacob).
  14. Spend time with the parents.

5 thoughts on “Day 306. Looking Back, Looking Ahead

  1. Great on all accounts. But I do have to say something about PETA (you knew that, didn’t you?). I have no objection to notions of people choosing to be vegan. Economically (though not necessarily physiologically for most people) makes the most sense. But I don’t like their dogmatic approach, because they end up putting the well being of an animal over that one of a species – if we are talking non-humans here), or on equal terms all animal species. Personally, if I have to choose between saving a monkey by killing an ant… I’ll kill the ant. And if I have to kill a monkey to save a person, well, call it species’ loyalty, but I will kill the monkey. I am not endorsing cruelty or unnecessary suffering, but I do consider the idea of prioritizing along anthropological categories, a viable notion. As Parfit would put it: “what do we have to do?” A most serious question.

    Ok. Time for you to work on #14. Or you will face our wrath.

  2. Well, here are PeTA’s basic premises: Animals are not ours to eat or to wear, they do not belong to us to experiment on or to use for our entertainment, or for that matter to abuse in any way.

    While you may call their approach dogmatic, you may be somewhat dogmatic yourself by offering the flip example of choosing between the monkey and the ant.

    I think your question “What do we have to do?” is a good one, though.

    One thing we don’t HAVE to do is eat meat. In fact, among (most) vegans, cholesterol and triglicerides remain low without effort or use of Statin drugs.

    You don’t have to wear animals, particularly when so many great fakes exist–I have two really great fake (WARM) suede coats, and a couple of really great fake furs. Fake leathers in shoes are looking better and better. What’s the point of killing another sentient being when another option exists?

    Even more importantly, you don’t have to experiment on animals to make the next pharmaceutical discovery. In that regard (and in the cases of many absurd psychological experiments and the like) experimenting on animals has become unnecessary. In the case of medical experimentation, the most important experimentation is human–it’s the only way to get a drug past the FDA. Pre-human studies are done on tissues more successfully than on non-human animals. Aspirin, for example, kills dogs. Other hormones do not work on primates. So why do a drug study on a non-human animal when the results don’t generalize to the humans they are supposed to aid? I could go on and on about this.

    As far as I’m concerned the abuse part is a no-brainer. It doesn’t have to exist.

    Could we just substitute college students for the animals in experimentation?


  3. Heidi, I am just dumbstruck by this beautiful writing you’ve been doing. You alchemist, you, turning lead into gold.

    I feel as though I’ve stumbled into a hidden cenote – those beautiful clear-blue-water-filled caverns – that’s been under my feet for months. I’m about halfway through your posts, and I’m writing in response here because I want to say I’d like to see you, too. I’ve been wanting to take Nora to DC for a couple years now. Always postponed because always broke and busy. I’ll see if I can’t nudge that plan forward a bit. xo

    • Aw, Gerard. I’m sitting here crying, now. God. That just makes me feel really…I dunno. Nutty. Alchemist, no less. I am reminded about your own writing! Well, please DO come to DC. Bring the family. I would absolutely love to see you guys–email me about the particulars & we can talk about my apartment. I was just looking at Nora’s picture last night and thinking what a great kid she seems. love love love

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