Day 357. Approximating Realism.

After Henry Miller by Heidi 11/20/11

I’m posting this monstrosity because Randy and Lana wanted to see paintings.  It truly is a rotten painting to post as exemplary, since it is not my typical style; so think of it as something you can print out for the lining for the bottom of your bird cage.

I’m reading Henry Miller’s book, Paint as you Like and Die Happy. I was trying to paint in the style of his 1950s paintings, which looks much easier than it turns out to be.  Here is one similar to the one I was looking at.

Sooo, it’s back to the watercolor workshop for me.  Today’s lesson:  it is far, far easier to approximate realism than it is to do a really fine abstract piece.  I’m going back to The Tao of Painting, I think, which has an altogether more elegant approach.

4 thoughts on “Day 357. Approximating Realism.

  1. Thanks – for the example of your painting and for the link explaining what a bird cage is. I was really confused about the whole bird cage thing but, as it turns out, it’s a CAGE. For a BIRD.

    I had no idea Miller painted. I have to confess, I found the link about him much more interesting than the bird cage one. I took a road trip to Big Sur this summer, and Miller’s name is everywhere. I always think of him as being in either Brooklyn or Paris – the California coast seems so unlike him. Not gritty enough.

    On an almost totally unrelated tangent: I spent some time in Spain, years ago. I was alone on Christmas, when everyone was with their families, so I decided to go to the movies – really the only thing that was open. The movie playing was Henry and June, with Spanish dubbing. The other five people in the theater found it as laughably bad as I did. (In fairness to the filmmaker – dubbing is never good, and this dubbing was especially bad.) When the movie was over, I found a nice , sunny plaza, sat on a bench, and read a book. It was really nice, until a man who was about 80s yrs old sat down next to me and asked me if, seeing as how we were both alone on Christmas, I wouldn’t go back to his house and have sex with him. American women, he’d heard, would have sex with just about anyone, so…what did I think? It felt like the perfect proposition after watching a movie about Henry Miller and Anais Nin. I turned the old man’s offer down, but I told him it was true about American women, and that he should have no trouble finding another American who would be ready and willing to see to his needs.

    • Lana,

      I know, who knew about Miller’s painting? I think he paints just the way he writes, though, don’t you?

      I love the story about your traveling to Spain. Why is it that we always get hit on by some crazy old guy?  That does make you want to go back and see Henry and June again, just for the laugh.

      One thing about the links. WordPress suggests links based on the content, so I just accept/refuse links based on general information. That’s why sometimes there may be just a broad link like the birdcage one.

      Thanks for reading, L.,


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