365 days. So you say its your birthday.

So birthdays are fun.  When we were teacher interns and grad school colleagues, my friend Janelle and I played a birthday game that consisted of reminding our colleagues of how many shopping days remained until our birthdays. I am sure everyone thought it was positively darling.

Ours were conveniently about six months apart, so we could spend much of the year in birthday reminders.  I was embarrassingly old when this happened (it’s never too late to have a happy childhood, right?). Besides, it felt like we were celebrating all the time.  What a happy epoch of my life! To my mind, we are never too old to enjoy a birthday.

Even today — this whole weekend, really, I had a fantastic time of it.  I celebrated and expended more energy than I remember having done in a long, long time.  Lunch out with Marvelous Melanie on Friday, then dinner out with John, Foster, and Katherine old, dear friends, close to my heart.  Saturday was lunch with my angelic Mom and Nathan, Greg and the boys. I spent so many moments looking at them and thinking that without them around me so much, I would be less of a human being.  Meeting up involved an hour-long car trip, for which my angelic Mom had prepared a blanket and pillow in the back seat so that I could sleep both ways.  I took full advantage, too, because I was tired — and I had to rest for today’s event, the monthly Salon I hold, which took the form of a birthday party as well.  I got up and made appetizers today as well (cooking makes my legs take the shape of tree trunks, but I didn’t care).

Mr. Magoo and McBarker.

Mr. Magoo is voted the 29th best cartoon of all time by TV Guide (1949 - 1983 in various shows)

Then four friends came over.  Carlos presented Pedro Almodovar’s films.  We ate a lot.  Melanie made (and framed) a fantastic picture of a crown, for me, a princess — so appropriate!  And Carlos & Bob brought me a really groovy silver briefcase, and inside it was a box set of Mr. Magoo cartoons.  We watched some of them and they are so wonderfully politically incorrect.  And Randi gave me a book about erotic art (perfect for a person who set a theme of sex and the body for this year’s Salons).  I’m not saying that the party was all about the gifts, but it was fun.

I am leaving out the list of presents from other friends and family…but they were great too.

I didn’t think much about it until now that, if Dr. Lunkhead were truly correct, this day could be the beginning of my last year on the planet.  Day 365.

Eat, drink, and play,

While here you may;

For soon as death

Has stopp’d your breath

Ye ne’er shall see a cheerful day.

From Ecclesiastes 8:15 Clarke’s Commentary of the Bible

My intention for this year is to eat, drink, and play, to paint, and to write like a fiend.  I want to make the world around me beautiful and to really enjoy what I do.  I want to love the people I do it with, to push the sick feelings out of the way, so that I can make each day exquisite.  Every day I do all of this, I will get stronger and better at it and more resolved to prove Dr. Lunkhead wrong.  I have five books in my head. These will take time. Thus, more birthdays to come. Many more.  Get ready.

8 thoughts on “365 days. So you say its your birthday.

  1. Fuck Dr. Lunkhead and the horse he rode in on. I think you should invite him to your blog so he can see what a total asshole he really is. He had no basis for making the statement he made to you. He didn’t plan what he said or consider the ramifications of what he said. No amount of reassurance after the “expert” has spoken can undo the damage (the jury will kindly disregard the asshole-doctors’s commentary). Maybe at least he’d learn a lesson and save someone else from his commentary — because sadly that’s all it is. You know they’ve recommended not telling cancer patients any more how “long they have to live” because sadly, they’re usually wrong. Imagine what a profound effect such an error has on the patient and his/her family’s lives. I’m guessing you don’t have to imagine at all, Heidi. As a doctor I’ll make an apology for him.

    By the way, I plan on having you around for many years to come!
    I love you and Happy Birthday!!

  2. Well, a great and wonderful birthday to you, Heidigirl. I usually like to make birthdays last for about a week. So go ahead, indulge yourself and play! Make that birthday energy last as long as possible, it’s your birthright!
    All the very best,

  3. I remember going to a thoracic surgeon with my parents in January 2008. He was lovely and honest. He showed us the films of my mother’s heart, and of various arteries that were 98% blocked. 98%. He explained that my mother’s other health problems made surgery impossible. Another doctor we’d seen had told my father it would only be a matter or months, poissbly only weeks. My dad asked this doctor, who was supposed to be the best in his field, how much time Ma would have. His answer made me trust him forever. He said, “The day you find a doctor who tells you how much time you have left, is the day to get a new doctor, because there just isn’t a doctor in the world qualified to answer that question. She might have five months, but she might have five years. Or 20 years. All I can tell you is that there’s nothing I can do, surgically, to improve the situation.” It was such a powerful message, and it set the tone for me. Later, when we were alone, my Dad talked about my mother being gone in just a few months. I told him I was planning on spendng Christmas with her, which I did. And she had even another Christmas, after that.

  4. Hey Sistah!

    You KNOW it’s BIRTHMONTH!!! What’s that “experts” name? Dr. Jughead? When God was passing out brains, Jughead thought God said “trains” and he took the wrong one!!! Crack’n myself up ova here!!! Hahaha!!!

    Now rest up in that crib of yours – then write and paint yo fingers off! G I R L ! ! !

    Peace Out.


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