Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

Heidi in front of the "Seinfeld" exterior shot diner.

In Happier Times

I used to go to NYC a lot.  The City makes me happy all the time I am there.  My heart just pounds to the beat of the subways underground as I walk on the grates that cover them.  All the time I am there, I admire the architecture: a window, gargoyle, duck pond, or just a doorway.  I think the architecture, from the largest building, to the tiniest flourishes, keeps visual time for the rest of the world, since it serves as backdrop for so much of the popular culture.  So many of the shows seen on television and the movies are set in NYC.  Why does my heart pound in the city?  Why are the tourists so amazed by it?  By its beauty of course, but also because the city itself is a star.  It is the star of stage and screen, and we all know it from the shows.

While I was doing my dissertation, Margie took me all over the city, made sure I got all the right pictures to capture “New York City-ness” to write about.  This picture above was the quintessential Seinfeld place, the diner exterior shot. (I was writing about the sense of place in Seinfeld.)  These windows are recognizable by hundreds of millions of people internationally.  What better windows to use to enter the Weekly Blog Photo Challenge (a good way to start the first week of a blog, n’est-ce pas?).

Margie and I talked about my moving to New York, where she lives.  It seemed like such a no-brainer. Why not move to a place that makes you so happy?

When walking became so difficult and my fatigue became overwhelming, it was hard to explain, but even to travel to New York for an overnight visit began to look more like Mt. Everest or Kilimanjaro, beautiful to admire from a distance, but absurd to climb.  I am not giving up on it, though.

Greg (my brother) and I were looking at mobility scooters last night by email.  He suggests I get a megaphone so that I can yell at people to get the hell out of my way. I’m starting not to think this is such a bad idea.  Sharan suggests that I get two so that I could have a motorcade.  Even better!  I can picture myself in some sort of diva wear with a Swarovski crystal encrusted scooter, with those little handlebars with streamers.  Perhaps a boa (although I’m not fond of the feathers).  A mental picture has formed, I hope, one that develops an image of pure fabulousness, like none you have ever known on a scooter.  That’s what I will do.  A window from my rigor against doing this, to the crystal encrusted fabulousness.  We can have all kinds of windows.

New York, at least a visit, could be in my future.

Well, hell, at least a long walk around a museum could be.  Do you have any idea how much fun that sounds like?

372 days…tick..tick…tick…. (It is still, always hard to overlook that).

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

  1. Thanks for sending the link to your blog – I’ve subscribed. I remember when you first wrote to tell me about your diagnosis. It was shocking and upsetting, to say the least. I remember, too, that you said you had every intention of proving your doctor wrong. I’m glad that, all this time later, you’re still determined to do that. Looking forward to reading more – especially when you take your next trip to NYC.

  2. Nice blog. As far as NYC… I always thought it was not the perfect place because I was not there. True, when I was there, the place was magical. But I am still ambivalent about the city (perhaps due to my wounded narcissism – the city never desperately asked me to move in). Three places I love about the city:
    1) taking the subway all the way to The Cloisters, get on the castle’s terrace and look to the other side of the river.
    2) going to the Met, to the “little” egyptian temple and watch the sunset on Central Park while standing on the ruins of an ancient civilization.
    3) walking up the Brooklyn bridge (towards Brooklyn) and only turn around to look at NYC’s profile when getting to the main pillars supporting the bridge.

    As far as the scooters go… if we paint flames on the sides and wear fancy helmets… I’m all for it.


    • Carlos,

      You have finally named the missing thing about the city. If you & Bob would move there, then I would HAVE to.

      If I do get the scooter, I really want to scooter — flames, flamers, and all — my way across the BB! And I never have gone specifically to the little Egyptian temple to watch the sunset on Central park…etc. etc. But there is an element of every NYC sunset that feels like one is standing on the ruins of a civilization.



  3. I’m enjoying your blog Heidi.

    I’d love to see you take a trip to New York.
    I’ve only been there once, way back when I was a student in Quebec City. When my friend and I would stop to look at the map of New York, several people at a time would leap out of nowhere to assist us and tell us what we should see in this much loved city!

    I love Carlos’ comment about the motor scooters. Perhaps the addition of a fancy cafe style umbrella (for blazing sun or drizzling rain) and a little wine bar could complete the scooter get up.


  4. Thanks, Laurissa!

    So many people think of NYC as a vast, unsafe, urban landscape of knife fights and hostile denizens. Really, it is one of the friendliest places I’ve ever been, nicer than any small town could be because there is no judgementalism.

    I liked Carlos’s idea too–and Sharan added that I should get two so that I could have a motorcade. Brilliant.


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